This sign has become all too familiar on the windows and doors of small businesses since the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the shutdown of the world in March 2020. All small businesses were affected... some more than others. Most of them may never return back to normal operations. Some may never return at all.

I watched as our reality of a normal life fell apart in a matter of days. My dreams of owning a business withered away. All Sketched Out LLC was severely impacted by the shutdown and I was forced to shut it all down.

I soon received word from my colleagues from the MMBC that there wasn't enough funding to keep The Artists Colony open and with All Sketched Out's operations ceased, I wouldn't have the funds to keep up with rent and utilities. It was my time to go. I was heartbroken, I had to say goodbye to my very first official art studio and to the people who have become not only my friends but family. The Artists Colony was always meant to be a pop-up, there was always a time limit.

I started thinking about my original business plan draft. I originally wanted to make a mobile digital art studio and host The Digital Paint Night within it. 


I decided to purchase an old 5 window short school bus, rebrand All Sketched Out and relaunch!!

YES! THAT'S RIGHT! I converted a school bus into the world's first technologically advanced, COVID-19 regulations compliant digital art studio and therapeutic digital painting experience!

How is it COVID-19 safe? 

The entire bus is sanitary! Not only is every computer and pen sanitized after each use, The swing door is outfitted with TRUE UVC-3 LED lighting to kill 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria when a person passes through as well as a TRUE UVC-3 air purifier which continuously pumps clean, purified, hospital-grade air into the bus. Everyone can safely experience the therapeutic benefits of digital art, light and healing sound frequency. 


Meriden CT United States 06451

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